thank you, next

You’re not here.

I try to be collected, but I fear


I’m losing you.

To be fair,

I don’t even dare

to text you anymore.


It’s a joke.

You’re a slowpoke

when it comes to responding

and I

just wanted to see you sitting there.

Right there.

Across from me in that German place

so I could see your face.

It’s just down the street.


I don’t want to meet

you for sex anymore.

After a few sessions my back is too sore.

And I have a bit more self-respect than that.

You keep calling me a brat.

Saying that I’m silly

Well guess what you can do with your willy?

You can shove it up your—

I don’t want to see it anymore!


Is it a crime to want everything?

Everything about you?

It seems like you’re off limits

but your dick is free reign.

and I can’t look at you without pain.


Just give me a beer

and I’ll be ready for round 2, 3, 4

I’ll be on my knees screaming for more

While you? You finish, duh.

But after that? Ya

just end up telling me no.

That I can go.

You’re tired,

but you had a good time.


It really is a crime

now that I’m thinking.

Coincidence that I’m also drinking?

It is a crime to like you.

To love the languages you speak,

or play the games you do.

To love running my fingers through your curls,

and enjoy drinking wine with you.


Is it a fucking crime to want to be together?

To want to hold your hand

Call you my man

Take a picture by your side

Jesus, you have way too much pride.

That’s right


Because you’re not here.

You didn’t show up.

You didn’t call.

You didn’t even text.


When am I going to see you next?

When you need a warm hole?

When you want a racy picture?


I’m not going to be here.

I’m not going to show up.

I’m not going to call.

I’m not going to even text.

Because guess what?

Thank you, next.

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