Slam Poem About Love

when I love someone I don’t let go.

my high school boyfriend and I still talk

I know

what you’re thinking.


“emma, you’re crazy”


but my feelings for people don’t just go away.

they might get hazy

hard to see that they’re even there

but they are.


theyre not so ‘in your face’

but there is a place

for them in my heart.

it just so happens that we drifted apart.


that’s what people do.

differences make the love grow small

but I believe (that even all)

love remains.


ill always remember my loves

first, second, and third

and just like a bird

ill sing love songs like im deep


deep in love when im not.

im just mildly in love.

my toe is in the water.

and if I ever have a daughter


I’ll teach her this:

don’t be afraid.

don’t be scared to be honest about your feelings.

I know my lessons will go amiss


because we are all afraid

“what if they don’t love me back”

“what if I die alone”

“what if”


what if he told me?

what if he told me what he wanted from me?

I wouldn’t have fucked up

I know what he’s thinking, yup.


but none of that matters

he doesn’t think ill be able to change

and he might be right

but he underestimates the range


of my love.

it doesn’t stop at red lights.

it doesn’t slow down for pedestrians to cross.

okay, maybe it should


but im at a loss

for words when he talks

and says im addicted to sex.

you know who would say the opposite? my other ex.


I would stop sleeping around

if he wanted.

I just feel haunted

by what I did all the time


its why im under so many people

its so I can forget.

or at least make my love for him disappear

a little, not go away just yet.


I would give him the same advice

as my hypothetical daughter.

be honest about your feelings

or be like me and continue cheating


cheating love.

I keep fucking it up somehow

well, I know how

but I also know how to stop.


so, maybe bear with me

as I work through my shit

because im learning



is hard.

very easy to do the right thing

but hard to make that choice.

to stand up even when your voice


is shaking.

even breaking.

but speak up for what you believe in and

I believe in love


and I don’t believe in letting go of it.

so I keep it.

in my cold, terrible heart

I keep that warmth


inside it and I never part

with that shit.

you could call me a packrat

holding onto things that


I really don’t need.

I don’t need to remember my love for other people

I just need the love I give myself.

because if I cant love myself, how in the hell am I gonna love somebody else?

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