Sorry, it’s December. I know I said I would be back with interesting content. But then I didn’t come back. The only reason I’m not deleting this blog is because I’ve already paid for the domain name on this website until next November.

It’s not that everything that’s happened in my life since March has been boring, it’s just because I stopped writing. After my Spring 2019 semester ended, I trailed into a slow and excruciating Summer. But in all actuality, it was the best Summer of my life (my adult life at least). And now I’m here, far past Autumn, and well into the 2020 grind already. Still not writing. If you’re reading this, I apologize for the lack in quality. It’s not going to be easy for the next couple weeks (or months).

I seriously haven’t written in 6 months.

Maybe it’s the guilt from having a fountain pen tattooed on my flank—because I’m a writer. Maybe it’s constantly telling customers at work that I’m working on ideas for a book (I’m not) in my time since dropping out of college. Maybe it’s the fact that my brain has melted so much from the marijuana that I am forcing myself to do something, no matter the poor quality.

I’m not going to fill the couple subscribers I have on what’s happened recently, either. It’s been a lot, but none of it is really of importance. Looking back, I’m glad I wasn’t writing this entire time. I needed time to live. Just…exist.

My point is—I don’t quite know what my point is. I’ve learned a whole lot from chilling for the past six months, and not writing seriously. I’m quite interested in looking through some ideas I’ve jotted down (a lot of which were while smoking grass) and maybe elaborating on them for a couple blog posts. I believe there’s a concept for a Creepypasta I want to write, as well as a puff piece about Jeffree Star. Actually, nevermind. That sounds bad. Or good? Who cares, maybe I will write it.


Aside from this update, I have nothing to say. I hope this blog doesn’t turn into a dark hole where I complain about my love life again. I’m also not deleting all of the entries from earlier this year, because I’m a big proponent of charting my growth and maturity. It’s a great example of my early writing—in skill and in content. I don’t share the same sentiment toward life with my past self; quite frankly I really don’t like reading those pieces. But there may be a time where I will, so I’ll keep them. I won’t suggest for you to read or ignore them, as that choice is yours.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see a shift in the perspective and quality of what I’ll write. Hopefully.

featured image credit: Jeffrey Czum

I'm a young writer. In 2017, I was a nation-ranked competitor in the National Catholic Forensic League. Early 2019 I was a student at George Mason University pursuing a BFA degree in English (with a concentration in creative writing). I have since dropped out and I continue my passion on my own fruition. I take classes at my local community college. Contact me with any constructive criticism or questions you may have for me about my writing. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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